Electrical installation


The company Česal Elektro Ltd. produces precise sheet metal parts, cases, covers and enclosures made of steel, aluminium or copper sheet up to 3 mm thickness. The surface is treated by powder coating, galvanizing or grinding and polishing of stainless-steel sheets. We label by screen printing method. On the sheets we weld or press bolts, nuts, screws, we have precise connector tools for 100% visual quality. We form various mouldings, marks (e.g. earthing) or bridges for attaching cables. Assembly, pre-assembly and packaging. We weld with TIG, MAG method.

We dispose of our own car transport

Custom-made metal fabrication

Our company offers you the possibility of custom-made metal fabrication. Supply us with drawings or send us your idea, we will calculate the price and give you a date of possible realization. Take advantage of our machines and many years of experience in the industry.

We ensure the production with our own machines. These are:

Press brake (bending machine)
TrumaBend V130

Punching press
TruPunch 1000

Cable trays - steel sheet

1) Cable trays | 2) Extension piece | 3) 90° right-hand elbow | 4) 45° elbow | 5) T piece | 6) Cross-over | 7) Outer elbow – route descending | 8) Inner elbow – route ascending | 9) Tray connection | 10) End cap | 11) Reduction piece | 12) Reduction joint | 13) Angle connection | 14) Beam | 15) Stand

The cable tray system is a kit which consists of cable trays (straight pieces – standard lengths of 2 metres), connections, branch pieces (elbows, T pieces), supports (beams) and fasteners (screws).


Basic design

For increased corrosion resistance


Cable ladders

The cable ladders system is a kit that consists of cable ladders (straight pieces of 3 m length) with connections, branch pieces, supports and fasteners (screws).


Basic design

For increased corrosion resistance

Method of realization

Production of outdoor lighting poles

Česal Elektro Ltd. also offers production and delivery of outdoor lighting poles.

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